♥♥♥Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month ♥♥♥

maidensheart is my featured lolita this month! She was nice enough to answers some questions for me:

Which Studio Ghibli heroine do you most relate to? Probably Kiki she leaves home not knowing what her future holds or what she’s special at doing. When I left home I was the same and it took a lot of hard working and difficulty working out what I wanted from my life but in the end it was the journey, the person I became and the friends who got me there which were most valuable.

What’s your favorite Disney movie? As a little girl I adored The Little Mermaid but I think my favourite now would be Tangled. I love the story, characters, colours and music! 

If you had to live in one location from a Final Fantasy game, where would you choose? Without a doubt Spira (but probably post Sin)! Final Fantasy X is pretty much my favourite game ever, I have been playing it for years and I never get tired of it. Every so often I get homesick for the story, the characters and Spira. I don’t quite know where in Spira I would live, probably in Besaid, the Moonflow or Macalania.

And of course, what would your ideal nerdy dress print be? What a fun question! I am a big lover of Skyrim so perhaphs something related to that. Maybe the map of Elder Scrolls provinces as an all over design? I am a lover of great-swords in RPG’s so perhaps a bunch of the concept art of weapons around the hem? I would love a Skyrim sword SK!

Thank you so much maidensheart! Kiki is my favorite Ghibli heroine, she’s such a strong character :D

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♥♥♥Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month ♥♥♥

Kattoo is the lovely lolita that runs baby-rain! She was nice enough to answer some questions for me, and here are her answers:

What’s your favorite Homestuck ship? 

My favorite homestuck ship is a tie between Kanya/Rose and Eridan/Roxy. I also have this problem where I ship Dirk with every one of the other Alpha kids.

Which Ocarina song do you like best?

I like all the ocarina songs, but bolero of fire is probably my favorite.

Who’s your favorite FLCL character?

I have a special place in my heart for Mamimi. I hope I get a chance to cosplay her one day! But all the characters in FLCL are great.

And of course, what would your ideal nerdy dress print be?

A Pokemon print! I would love it so much if a sweet brand did a collaboration with Pokemon and I could buy a dress with all the cutesy Pokemon on it!

Thanks so much Kattoo! I totally agree, I’d snatch up a cutesy Pokemon print in a heartbeat :D

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♥♥♥ Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month ♥♥♥

Lizzi is the lovely lolita that runs jiggerypokerychronoclocksnp! She was kind enough to answer some questions for me, here are her answers:

Which Zelda game is your favorite?

My favorite Zelda game.. Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pick! It would probably have to be Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. A lot of people give it crap because it’s not a ‘normal’ Zelda game, but I have so many fond memories of getting through it, both with my brother and later on with my boyfriend.

If you could be a companion on Doctor Who, where would you want to go first?

I would love to either go back to to Alexandria and see all the books in the famous Royal Library, or to Japan to meet Murasaki Shibiku.

What’s your favorite pokemon type?

My favorite Pokemon type.. Hmm, another hard one. Probably water. I always love the start water Pokemon, so yeah, definitely water =].

And of course, what would your ideal nerdy dress print be?

Hmm, I already have a Super Mario Jsk (I love it!), so maybe a Pokemon or Zelda one. I think my guts going towards Pokemon, though. Pokemon it is!

Thank you Lizzi! I’m super jealous of that Mario dress.

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♥♥♥ Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month ♥♥♥

Gina is the lovely lolita that runs keepsturning! She was nice enough to answer some questions for me, and here are her answers:

When you play Pokemon, are you the sort of person that chooses the same type of starter every time, or do you make a game-by-game decision?

I’ll be honest, it definitely varies game by game and I usually just pick the one I think is cutest!  Generally I tend to avoid fire starters because I never really like how they look, and they don’t ever seem to be very great against the first few gym leaders.  It seems that I am pretty much split between water and grass, with the exception of Cyndaquil in the second generation games.

Which Star Trek series is your favorite and why?

I’m definitely going to have to say that The Original Series is my favourite Star Trek series.  It’s campy and silly, but it’s fun and has so much charm and it’s what started it all!  I might also love it because it was the first Star Trek that I was exposed to as a child, but I honestly just enjoy this series the most.  It’s great!

If you could have your own key blade what do you think it would look like?

My own Keyblade…  Well, in the games, my favourite one was always the Halloween Town blade because of the thin lines and the architectural influence.  However, that doesn’t really translate too well into my personal style…so I’m going to say that my Keyblade would be a thin one, the body made out of shiny pink metal and the head and handle made out of black, with a lot of thin little bits coming out of it and architecturally inspired!  If that makes sense!

And of course, what would your ideal nerdy dress print be?

I have so many ideas for nerdy prints!  My ideal one would probably be BBC Sherlock inspired; perhaps a large apple in the corner of the skirt with the IOU carved out of it?  Or maybe a Lord of the Rings one with Elvish script along the bottom (of course it would be the 9 rings poem, or maybe the All that glitters is not gold maybe…haha not sure!)  But I really have many ideas for nerdy prints and hopefully someday I can make at least one of them!

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♥♥♥ Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month ♥♥♥

Ariellah Engel is the lovely lolita that runs weepingengel! She was kind enough to answer some questions for me, and here are her answers!

If you could take one X-men’s powers, whose would it be?
i would choose the power to move stuff with my mind like Xavier.
whenever i dream something about mutants and powers i always get the power to move stuff with my mind.
it just comes natural to me in the dreams. its always the same.
if i ever get that power i’ve already practiced plenty in my dreams at least : D

What’s your favorite Sherlock character?
Hmm thats a hard one.
off course i fell for Sherlock like everyone else, but Moriarty do have a special place in my heart.
well the part where he hasnt burnt it out at least..: D
crazy people are attractive to me. don’t ask me why. maybe i can see a little bit off myself in them..

What do you think is the creepiest thing Sam and Dean have fought on Supernatural?
Argh that ones hard as well.. there are so many creepy things ;_;
hmm one of the times i had a hard time sleeping was probably after watching the episode where dean and sam is in the mental hospital and trying to find the Wraith.
watching the Wraith in the mirror was so scary *_* also i get sick everytime i see lucifer with those scrapes on his face.
it just gets to me e_e

And of course, what would your ideal nerdy dress print be?
I would probably want a print with the Weeping Angels on it. a classical print, ala moitie or something haha.
Or oh oh a Loki print! : D

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♥♥♥ Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month ♥♥♥

Andi is the lovely lolita that runs bunny-warrior! She was nice enough to answer some questions for me.

Do you play for the Alliance or the Horde in WoW?

During Vanilla and Cata I played Horde. During BC and Wrath I played Alliance. I’m yet undecided as to which faction I’ll be playing during Mist.

Which Hogwarts house do you think you would be sorted into and why?

I would probably end up in Gryffindor, because I am brave in the sense that I am outspoken and rather reckless.

What kind of character do you like to play in D&D?

My current D&D character is a gnome paladin. She has a giant hammer, irrationally large almost; it’s pretty bad ass. My friends have shown interest in starting a Warcraft D&D campaign soon though, and I made a gnome warlock. I’m excited to use her; the Warcraft universe translates pretty well into D&D, and I am a giant lore nerd. I also love gnomes, because they are cute!

What would your ideal nerdy dress print be?

My ideal nerdy dress would have to be something with a book or movie quote embroidered along the bottom hem, probably from His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. Perhaps the Dumbledore quote from the last Harry Potter movie though, “Words are, in my humble opinion, the most inexhaustible source of magic.” Though someone also needs to make an awesome Thor dress, because Avengers are awesome, and I have a crush on Thor.

Thanks for answering my questions! That’s a really lovely quote choice, I’d love to see that embroidered on something :D 

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♥♥♥Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month♥♥♥

Sora is the adorable lolita that runs evil-muffins! She was lovely enough to answer some questions for me, and here are her answers!

What’s your favorite lolita item that you own? BTSSB OZ JSK in Navy!

If you could be any Adventure Time character for a day, who would you be? Princess Bubblegum. I’d get to be a princess and be super smart! She also has cute outfits.

What’s your Hetalia OTP? Russia/Belarus! Belarus is my favorite because she’s strong and knows what she wants, but is pretty too!

What would your ideal nerdy dress print be? Maybe a print involving Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time!

Thanks so much for answering my questions, Sora! I’d love a Lady Rainicorn dress myself :D 

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Hey guys! Well first off thanks for the submissions! A couple of people have asked me about sending me pictures since Tumblr can be so weird about links in ask messages. You can send me links in Fan Mail, or you can just use the submit button! It might be best to wait until the interview though, just to make sure your pictures are more recent. 

Nerdy Lolita of the Month Submissions!

Hey everyone! So I’m going to be accepting nominations for Nerdy of the Month as of now! Anyone can enter, but there are a few guidelines.

  • Your tumblr has to be nerdy and/or lolita related. That doesn’t mean it has to be all nerdy or all lolita, just that it occasionally features one or the other. Or both.
  • You’ve got to have your ask box available or include an e-mail. If I can’t get a hold of you I can’t ask you questions! 
  • You have to have some pictures of yourself in lolita you don’t mind me posting. I don’t care if you’re doing something nerdy in the pictures, but it is a plus! I will say that if you send me pictures and they look nothing like lolita I probably won’t feature you (I’m talking like…jeans, miniskirts, lots of cleavage, stuff like that, casual lolita is totally fine). Which would be extremely awkward for the both of us. So do some research and make sure you look your best :D If you’re unsure of any pictures feel free to send them to me and I’ll let you know if they’d be applicable in a private message.

How to enter: Just send me an ask message with something like “Applying for Nerdy Lolita of the Month”, your name, and 5 of your favorite fandoms! These are just for reference, so that I’m not floundering around asking you questions without knowing what your interests are!

If I get a ton of replies I might change it to uh…”Nerdy Lolita of the Fortnight”? but I think right now I’ll just wait and see how things go. I’m very excited to get to know some of you better, and to be able to feature your awesome tumblrs :D

♥♥♥Featured Nerdy Lolita of the Month♥♥♥

Kortnie is a super cute lolita that runs Atlas in Space and Firefly-Class! I asked her a few questions about her nerdy interests and ruffle preferences and here are the answers:

     What’s your favorite kind of lolita?

Probably sweet, since that’s always been my main style of choice. But, I’m really liking classic and gothic these days! Definitely thinking of buying more pieces in those substyles once I’m-you know-not broke :x

      What movie/anime/game/etc. release are you looking forward to right now?

I am so hype for Mass Effect 3! I seriously cannot wait! I’ve been a fan of the series since Mass Effect 1, and as a self-proclaimed Bioware fan girl, I’m so excited to see what they have in store for us with this installation. Also, Resident Evil 6! And movie wise, definitely The Avengers!

      Which Doctor is your favorite?

Why, 10 of course! I always refer to David Tennant as ‘my’ Doctor. We all have a Doctor that really pulled us into the fandom and David was that for me. His portrayal of the Doctor-in my personal opinion!-is just flawless!

     What would your ideal nerdy dress print be?

Oooh, interesting question! Gosh, there are so many I’d love to see done. I’m definitely on board with the tons of lolis who’d love a really awesome Cthulu print. But, I’d pay a ridiculous amount of money for a galaxy print dress with an applique of the Normandy from Mass Effect near the bottom. Oh! And matching shoe clips of bows with an ‘N7’ in the middle! /daydream

Thank you so much for being my interview guinea pig Kortnie, and for suggesting the idea in the first place!