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Okay, so I spent a lot of time on these the last day or two, as a bit of therapy to get my mind off of things. So here’s five coords inspired by the five magical girls of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, inspired by a fanart post I reblogged recently.

Be prepared for the coord rundown here, there’s a lot of it. Top to bottom!

Madoka (with a sweet and simple coord):

  • AP Loire OP
  • AP Toe Shoes OTKs
  • BTSSB Cheryl Ribbon Comb
  • BTSSB Elie Crown bag
  • BTSSB Cherry Lace cuffs
  • AP Recital shoes
  • Soul Gem necklace via Animeshop
  • Bow ring via Modcloth
  • Bow earrings via Tradesy
  • GLW Baby Dollight wig in deep pink

Homura (inspired by her time powers):

  • RockStar Wigs Ombre Alexa in Pewter Silver Fade
  • Bodyline Antique Clock OP
  • AatP Milky Rail Train bag
  • VM Elegant Frill bolero
  • ETC Scallop Ribbon shoes
  • JM Victorian Border Diamond tights
  • Clock hand earrings via Etsy
  • Soul Gem necklace and ring set via Plamoya

Sayaka (focusing on the reason she became a magical girl):

  • IW A Maiden’s Prayer on a Starry Sky flare JSK+socks
  • AP Lucienne Dream blouse
  • BTSSB Tiered corset
  • IW Twin Ribbon and Rose headbow
  • BTSSB Ribbon Heart bag
  • ETC Patent Leather Ribbon shoes
  • Soul Gem necklace via Etsy
  • BTSSB The Angel Whispers Silent Night ring
  • Sepia Mystic wig in Cool Blue via Amphigory

Mami (with a dash of her love of tea):

  • IW Antique Tartan skirt
  • VM Lace Ribbon Puff Sleeve blouse
  • MM Long Lace cuffs
  • IW Toque Hat headdress
  • IW Gold Lame Horse OTKs
  • VM Victorian Short Boots
  • AP Tea Pot ring
  • AP Tea Cup ring
  • GLW Spiraluxe wig in Honeybee
  • Soul Gem necklace via Etsy

Kyoko (leaning a little EGA with crosses for her backstory and a tomboy ouji edge):

  • Meta Floral Jacquard Frill skirt
  • Atelier Boz Connor vest
  • Atelier Boz Zepar blouse
  • Verum Croix tights
  • AatP Cross Belt boots
  • AatP Crown Tassel headbow
  • Atelier Box 1 Point ear cuff
  • AatP Coffin Style Trunk pochette
  • Soul Gem necklace via Etsy
  • GLW Pixie collection ponytail 1 and bangs 2, in burgundy/brown mix


2014/7/20 Shanghai YGO Only


Sailor Moon themed outfit today :D


Sailor Moon themed outfit today :D


Anime expo was so much fun


Anime expo was so much fun


Sometimes I wonder how this girl is the same person. So much talent!
Mickie Grantz as a lovely Lolita, and the Prince of Seiyans.


kuroshitsuji-book of circus- and 2pm works collaboration

1st model- Sebastian Michaelis

2nd model- Ciel Phantomhive

3rd model- Grell Sutcliff



Sailor Moon inspired outfit for AniVenture 2014